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Newsletter introduction

from CEO Pim Kat

Technobis is expanding rapidly. Sales is ramping up and we are welcoming new customers at all of our companies.

This means that we must expand the building, and in fact the work started this summer on the extended facility, adding 1,700 square meters to the existing building, cleanroom, offices, and a larger lunchroom to facilitate a total of 160 people.

This also means that we must make the next step in running the business: we need professional ERP systems, full time QA management, and full time HR management to maintain excellence in development and the supply of complex instruments.

It is really fun for me, as the founder of the company, to see it grow from two guys in a garage to the company it is now, and what it will become years from now.

I trust that you will notice the enthusiasm in the contributions to this newsletter by our managers and employees: a highly motivated team, eager to pick up the development and supply of extremely complex instruments.

Pim Kat, CEO