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More than a system supplier

Our mission within Technobis Crystallization Systems is to make researchers all over the world more successful by providing smart and fast solutions, based on our unique technology, knowledge, and expertise.

In this way, we aim to supply more than just a device for scientific researchers, but also to help them gain a better understanding of solid state research.

By means of quarterly newsletters sent out to more than 3,500 subscribed members, we provide the latest crystallization-related research information, interesting articles from colleague researchers, and guidance for the best use of our technology.

On the Technobis Crystallization Systems website,, we provide more than 10 scientifically detailed application notes and whitepapers – a nearly endless number of publications and articles, and already our fifth webinar. With over 300 subscriptions for the live session of the latest webinar, it also demonstrated the tremendous interest in training and knowledge sharing.

During that free webinar presented by Dr. Martin Viertelhaus from BASF SE in Germany, the audience is taken through the essentials of physical stability of formulations. He covered topics such as stability testing, observation of eutectics, crystal growth, and agglomeration, and they explore how these topics are related in a practical sense to the physical stability of agrochemical formulations.

Formulation development is the art of making stable formulations that become unstable when they have to deliver the active ingredient. However, until the formulation is applied, stability is crucial in meeting the set specification. The physical stability of the formulation is an important parameter during formulation development, especially when testing multiple phase systems, such as suspensions or emulsions. The attributes relevant to physical stability can include appearance, color, viscosity, crystallization, and solubility behavior.

People formulating multiple phase systems products, whether in agrochemicals or in other industries, will benefit from this webinar. The records of this webinar are now available on our website.

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