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Newsletter introduction

from CEO Pim Kat

From time to time, people ask me about the structure of the Technobis company’s supply chain. To an outsider it might well seem like a strange combination of activities and markets, but at least to me, there is a clear focus. To condense it to the core: we create optical instruments, meaning that our core business is based on technology.

We try to attract projects and products that require a combination of precision mechanics, optics/photonics and thermal controllability.

This means that although we are able to serve a great number of markets, we focus on a select few: medical, pharmaceutical, high-tech systems, aeronautics and space.

There are a diverse number of companies that comprise the supply chain: Technobis Crystallization Systems is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM, selling instruments under our own brand); Technobis Mechatronics is a developer and supplier of instruments for OEM customers; Technobis Fibre Technologies is a technology supplier for sensing solutions and modules based on Integrated Photonics (optics on a chip); and the start-up Technobis IPPS is a service provider for packaging (connecting an optical chip to the outside world, electrically and optically) for companies that have begun working in the field of integrated photonics.

More and more we have noticed that companies are recognizing and appreciating the technology based core business of the Technobis group and come to us with requests for support.

I hope you as our customer or partner will find our focus reflected in the articles in this newsletter.

For people of my generation, I quote Hannibal Smith of the A-team: ‘I love it when a plan comes together’.

Pim Kat, CEO