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10 Years of pioneering work

in solid state research

Technobis Crystallization Systems is a pioneer in the field of solid state research and has developed a number of unique proprietary technologies. Our mission is to help researchers all over the world in their work by providing smart, fast solutions based on our unique innovative technology, knowledge and expertise.

Platforms for speeding up crystallization research have been successfully developed and installed in nearly every pharmaceutical research lab in the world over the past 10 years. The more than 300 units in the field have made a significant contribution to quicker development of new pharmaceuticals by the research teams involved.

New applications developed over the past few years in agrochemical, fine chemical, military and biofuel research, food and personal care have created new markets focused on understanding the importance of crystallization research in all areas. For example, solubility, crystallization and formulation are just as important for active agrochemical ingredients as for active pharmaceutical ingredients. Technobis Crystallization Systems helps agrochemical businesses large and small customers to improve and accelerate their crystallization and formulation processes. 

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