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Bringing the story of Crystallization

from Pharma to Agro

For more than 10 years, TCS is providing innovative technology solutions for crystallization related research, process development and formulation to the pharmaceutical market. Year after year we have provided our customers with not only unique technology, but also knowledge and expertise. The unique and proprietary technologies together with strong customer focus has established Technobis Crystallization Systems as a leader in providing the research tools to scientists from early discovery of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, to pre-formulation and formulation.

The first parallel crystallizers dedicated for both development and discovery, allows one to carry out complete crystallization or solubility determination screens with as little as few mg of sample. The additional analytical capabilities on the unique modular product Crystalline™ helps scientists during process development and formulation research.

The technology, knowledge and expertise gain over the years in the pharmaceutical market is now made available for the agrochemical market.  New applications have been specifically developed with a clear focus on understanding the importance of crystallization research in the development of an active ingredient from early stage to formulation in this specific field. There is no doubt that scientific advances depend not only on new ideas, conceptual leaps and paradigm shifts, but also to a large extent on technological advances that make these steps possible. Technologies that are easily adapted to simple and affordable everyday use in the laboratory have certainly changed the speed of scientific progress. TCS is continuously involved in technology development and eager to bring soon a next generation system addressing the needs of the scientific community in markets such as agrochemical, fine chemical, military and (bio) fuel research, food, home and personal care.

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