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Technobis Mechatronics: Can you support me?

With more than 20 years of experience in product development using (precision) mechanics, optics, and fibre technology, we at Technobis Mechatronics have received dozens of questions related to challenges that our customers are facing. Many times, these questions are a logical consequence of the innovative phase in which our customers find themselves and we are accustomed to teaming up with them to solve these challenges.

Looking back on these experiences, we have gathered the most frequent topics in which support is requested:

  • I need a product development budget for my business plan.
  • I need (new) ideas on development methods and technologies to use for my product.
  • I have an idea but cannot realize it – I need support with that.
  • I have an idea but I don’t know how to go from here to creating a sellable product.
  • I need a prototype / series production of my design or product and cannot achieve it myself.
  • I have an idea, design, and prototype and want to optimize it for serial production.
  • I do not have the resources to carry out the design and engineering / production for my product and want to outsource these activities.
  • I do not have the competencies to carry out the design and engineering / production for my product  and want to outsource these activities.
  • I need a boost to make progress with my project and make plans more concrete.
  • I only want to focus on R&D, marketing, and sales of my product and not on engineering and production; I want to outsource these activities.
  • My product is too expensive to produce. I want to make it less costly.
  • My product does not work optimally. I want to improve it.
  • My product needs additional functionality. I want to add this.
  • I'm stuck in old methods and want to innovate.
  • I'm not satisfied with my current partner/supplier and I am looking for an alternative.
  • The series of this new product is too complex for me to produce. I want to outsource this.
  • Time to market must be shorter than I can achieve in our current situation. I want to speed things up.

After raising these issues, it is then that they raise the question: can Technobis Mechatronics help me with this? And to quote Barack Obama: “Yes we can.” The only difference between these questions to us is where in the product-life-cycle we must step in.

This described in the diagram below: entering the product life cycle at a certain stage requires customer input. On the output side, Technobis Mechatronics will deliver the required information or a product (or product series)!

So, in the end, we can be your partner starting with just your idea and deliver a full series production, or you can step in and out of the cycle at other phases. This is possible thanks to our high level of project or production management that enables us to be flexible in the approach to your challenge.

If you face one of these issues in your organization or if you have other questions, you can contact Alex de Leth at, or at +31(0)72-3020040.

You can read more about our product life cycle at: