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CMAC annual open day 2015

Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallization consortium

Technobis Crystallization Systems supports the Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallization (CMAC) consortium. CMAC works closely with industry partners in an attempt to accelerate the adoption of continuous manufacturing processes.

Together with 13 partners, we support a multi-disciplinary programme that aims to:

  • Enable the change from batch to fully continuous manufacturing processes for high value chemical products.
  • Produce improved chemical and pharmaceutical products, at a lower cost and more sustainably, through transformational change in how particles are manufactured.

The features of two of our systems are playing an important role in the workflow for continuous crystallization. The Crystal16 is used to classify solvents as soluble, partially soluble or insoluble by measuring their temperature-dependent solubility. The Crystalline, with integrated microscope cameras, is used to gain early insights into issues such as agglomeration, attrition and encrustation. Additionally the Crystalline system may provide information about the crystallization and morphology behaviour of a specific system.