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Introduction from CEO

The opening of our new facilities was a big success. The minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp presented his speech, emphasizing the important role of SME's for keeping the Dutch economy competitive.

Rob Hartman (ASML) held a speech about the need to financially support the innovative Dutch SME's in subsidy programs and about the role that Technobis plays in the next generation of their lithography machines.

Bart Westerkamp (AlcmAir Partners) presented the co-development of the VitaQ (a revolutionary anesthesia instrument), which development has been made possible by the Innovation Grant of the Dutch government.

After the official ribbon cutting ceremony, executed by Minister Henk Kamp, the employees of Technobis explained their work in the many laboratories that our new building incorporates.

Our new facility holds all Technobis Group companies, Technobis Mechatronics (design and supply of OEM instruments), Technobis Fibre Technologies (development and supply of sensing systems based on Integrated Photonics) and Technobis IPPS (packaging services for Integrated Photonics).

Some of the technical highlights of the last half year; two prototypes of the VitaQ instrument are delivered and tested, the Gator FBG interrogator based on our photonic chip technology was demonstrated to Aeronautics, Space, medical and High-tech industry, resulting in development projects for the next years.

Pim Kat, CEO