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Fiber sensing in Aerospace becomes reality with Integrated Photonics

Technobis launches its new product the AeroGator, a miniature multiplexed FBG interrogator.

Alkmaar, Netherlands - April 2017

Technobis, the most innovative Dutch manufacturer of Integrated Photonics based fiber sensing systems and devices has launched its new miniature fiber sensing product the AeroGator, which is specifically designed towards multi-parameter aerospace applications.

“Full solid state, multi-channel, fiber sensing versatility, fitting into a miniature turnkey solution, has not been easy, but we made it work”, says Program Manager Aeronautics and Space, Rolf Evenblij. “Aircraft manufacturers and avionics suppliers have been waiting a long time for airworthy devices to make fiber sensing technically and economically viable in aircraft.”

Technobis is developing and providing fiber sensing systems since 2006 for a wide range of applications and environments. Starting with free-space optics, now since 5 years based on Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology, Technobis has introduced sensing solutions providing up to sub-femtometer wavelength shift detection resolutions, sub-nanometer displacement sensing resolution and sampling rates up to 20Mhz. Using miniature and high performance acquisition and control electronics, combined with ease of compatible PIC packages replacement allows multi-parameter fiber sensing solutions, such as damage and impact detection, load monitoring, shape sensing, distributed FBG sensing and more.

The launch of the AeroGator demonstrates great versatility, providing channel multiplexing up to 32 fibres with 8 or 20 sensors per fiber, high resolution sensing, high sampling speeds per channel and programmable multiplexing profiles. With its small dimensions 100x70x37mm (3.9x2.8x1.4inch), its weight of less than 300 grams (10.6 ounces) and low power consumption, the AeroGator is by far the smallest footprint multi-channel FBG interrogator currently available. Following this launch, different fiber sensing chipsets for sensors per fiber channel and higher resolution are being developed as we speak.

To learn more about the AeroGator, contact Rolf Evenblij at +31 72 3020052, or email,, or via the website at

Pricing of our Gator systems starts at €5799.

Kind Regards,

Rolf Evenblij, Program Manager Aeronautics and Space, Technobis Fibre Technologies

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