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20th Anniversary

Technobis Celebrates 20th Anniversary

April 1, 2016-

Today, leading provider of front-end technology, Technobis, celebrates its 20 years of existence.

Technobis was co-founded in 1996 by CEO Pim Kat. The work regarded building and supplying of machines, while having a small backlog in deliveries.

Today Technobis Group is a solid and versatile group of companies, all with the same mission to combine technologies recognized by many large OEM customers in the field of High-tech Systems, Aeronautics & Space, Medical and Pharmaceutical markets for their unique capabilities.

Technobis has enabled various technological developments over the past 20 years including a next generation anesthesia instrument, photonic integrated circuits for fibre optic sensing, systems for crystallization related research, just to name a few.