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Technobis has carried out various development trajectories for customers in the field of life sciences. These trajectories have resulted in the delivery of a turnkey prototype or products which are assembled in series at Technobis.

Customer specific products which have been delivered by Technobis Mechatronics are, amongst others, systems to create DNA arrays, high throughput screening devices used for research on medicines, instruments used for pathological research and instruments used to define a patent on medicines.

As scientists grapple with increasingly complex biological questions, they need to conduct larger, more complex imaging experiments. Portfolio information high content imaging system available at:

PerkinElmer's Opera® High Content Screening System continues to be the world's most proven confocal microplate imaging solution for high throughput High Content Screening. Portfolio information high content screening system available at:

Innovative technology solutions for crystallization related research. Portfolio information crystallization systems available at:

Nikon's digital pathology tool provides pathologists an intuitive means for maximizing information during the imaging of gross specimens. Portfolio information digital pathology tool available at: