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Luxury yachts, just like daily used cargo ships, undergo tremendous hull stresses even when not in use. Looking at a yacht having a steel hull the sunny side could become >10mm longer compared to the shadow side of the ship. Monitoring ship deflections for safety guarantees and condition based maintenance is therefore a must in the nautical industry.

Safety guarantee should be realized avoiding bulky measurement systems, making the use of fibre optics an easy choice. The light weight optical sensors in combination with the SwitchedGator with multichannel sensor recording options, allows for onboard data processing, storage and remote access to filtered data.

The hull of both port and starboard side are equipped with multiple optical sensors at two decks. Therefore not only both sides of the ship can be compared, but also different levels of the same side. Sea trials already proven the use of the SwitchedGator in combination with fibre optic sensors for safety monitoring and condition based maintenance!