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Tipps : Back-end foundry

Tipps is a specialized solution provider for PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuits) evaluation & packaging by supplying dedicated and mid-range volume packaging services.

PIC technology as a game changer

PIC technology is becoming more and more used for the next generation sensing and datacom equipment. The MPW-runs (Multi Project Wafer runs) offered by Jeppix TU/e, Fraunhofer HHI, LioniX, IMEC, LETI made it possible for SME companies to get affordable trials on InP, SOI and TriPleX wafer runs.

Experience in chip design trajectories

Having standard building blocks available on the MPW runs may give the impression that designing a chip is straight forward, make your basic chip design, let a designer produce the real chip design, have a foundry produce the chips and you have your prototype ready. Reality is different. Your first chip will probably show some expected behaviours and it is seldom what you really want or what indicated by simulations. There are tweaks to be done on most designs.
With our extensive experience on chip design and long history with different foundries, we are in a excellent position to advise on the possible tweaks to be done on prototyping chips in order to minimize time and efforts during expansion in technological readiness level.

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