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Fiber sensing solutions based on integrated photonics

Technobis tft-fos is the leading provider of Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuit (ASPIC)-based fiber sensing systems for demanding market segments such as high tech, aeronautics, space, medical and automotive testing industries.

The application of the superior technology of integrated photonics has proved to be capable of supporting both new and existing sensing and monitoring solutions for challenging situations. Technobis tft-fos is on the frontline with the development of extreme performance in fiber sensing which has already led to the establishment of a number of world records.

All of our systems are developed and produced to high specifications and if you don’t find the solution you need, please contact us via mail or phone +31 (0)72 3020040.

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Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuit (ASPIC)-based fiber sensing systems


Typical application fields


High resolution strain sensing

Thermal Mapping, Vibration Monitoring, Position Feedback.



High reliability strain sensing

Structural & Prognostic Health Monitoring, Shape Reconstruction, Thermal Sensing, Load Monitoring, Damage & Impact Detection.


Minimal invasive sensing

Force Sensing, Shape Reconstruction, Pressure & Temperature Sensing, Haptic Feedback.     


High endurance sensing

Strain sensing in high temperature and radiated environments, Temperature & Heat Flux Sensing.


High speed strain sensing

Impact deflection analysis on crash dummies and structures.


High reliability sensing

Thermal Mapping, Displacement Sensing.