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Flexible FBG interrogator for high resolution and multi-parameter sensing 

PalawanGator (grade A)
Performance Properties
Number of Optical Channels 1 (module)
Sampling Speed 100 kHz
Wavelength Range 1510-1590 nm
Wavelength Stability 20 fm / 15 min
Wavelength Repeatability 0.2 fm | 0.2 nε | 20 μK
Dynamic Range 12 nm | 10.000 με | 1200 K
FBG Sensors per Channel
Optical Connectors FC-APC
FBG Requirements, FWHM  <1 pm
FBG Requirements, Reflectivity >10%
Data Properties 
Interfaces analog
Physical Properties 
Dimensions 19"(482)x300x3U(133)
Weight app. 8000 gr
Operating Temperature 0..+55
Storage Temperature -40..+85
Input Voltage 230 AC
Power Consumption <10W
Typical Applications 
Typical Application Field High Resolution Strain / Multi Parameter Sensing
 Table-top version No
 Rack-mount version Yes

Grade B and C versions available, please contact us via or phone +31(0)72 3020040.