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Fibre Optic Sensing : Aerospace

With the introduction of new composite lightweight materials in the aerospace industry, the need to monitor fuselage, wing, and rotating aircraft parts with a 'nerve system' is becoming more important than ever. Sensing of vibration, shape, and temperature is key to predict health and remaining lifetime of aircraft parts in order to ensure availability, reliability and safety.

SARISTU FP7 project information available at:

Technobis poster presentation shape monitoring of an adaptive trailing edge device available at:

Technobis successfully performed impact tests on a composite aircraft structure. A demonstrator was built of an overburdened torsion box, typical for large flaps and tails, representative for the load carrying box of an airliner flap of the tail of a business jet. Application note Impact detection and localization available at: TFT_APPNOTE - Impact Dectection & Localization

Technobis recently conducted spin tests as part of a larger Aerospace program. The goal of this program was to develop the fiber optic sensor technology for structural health and usage monitoring application on helicopter rotor blades. Application note Helicopter blade monitoring available at: TFT_APPNOTE - Helicopter Blade Monitoring

Video next generation aerospace sensing systems available at:

Video helicopter blade monitoring available at:

Video impact detection available at:

Video Deminsys flight test available at: