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developing and providing state of the art solutions for instruments and modules

Our strategy is based on front-end technology development. Technobis group provides total customer satisfaction by offering custom solutions, advanced technologies and quality in design, manufacture, services and support.

based on a solid knowledge of fibre optic sensing, turnkey systems, integrated photonics and photonic packaging,

Technobis invests in front-end technologies

business units

Technobis mechatronics

complete product development projects, from idea to a successful turnkey system

Technobis tft-fos

development and supply of fibre optic sensing systems and applications based on integrated photonics technology

Tipps Back-end foundry

Test, evaluate & packaging of photonic integrated circuits

Technobis crystallization systems

providing innovative technology solutions for crystallization related research


Oct 2017 - Newsletter

Oct 2017 - Newsletter

19 okt. 2017

In this newsletter you will read about our PIC back-end foundry, sensing and data at the same time, product development, etc.

Sep 2017 - Round Table

Sep 2017 - Round Table

29 sep. 2017

From idea to growth | North Holland North | Dutch article | Het Ondernemersbelang | EDITION 04-2017

Apr 2017 - Product News

Technobis, the most innovative Dutch manufacturer of Integrated Photonics based fiber sensing systems and devices has launched its new miniature fiber sensing product the AeroGator.

Dec 2016 - Newsletter

Dec 2016 - Newsletter

2 dec. 2016

In this newsletter you will read about extension of our building, ASPIC technology for aerospace, crystallization from pharma to agro, etc.